Shoutout to all the question dancers! Shoutout to everyone learning to embrace the ambiguity of the ever-expanding cosmic web! 🌀
If we listen quietly, we will hear the insistence of wonder ringing everywhere.
What if time was told through the lens of what has helped us share, rather than conquer? What is reshaped if the protagonist of a story is a “we” rather…
"I do not believe in time. I do believe in water." Dionne Brand
Where creativity dances in the unknown, brands are committed towards fixed and concrete existence.
helloooo! I hope there’s been some moments today that have treated you with kindness, or that you’ve talked to someone you love, or that you had a…
In the spirit the power of refusal: what does my creativity denounce? What would it look like to trust that my creative spirit is an ever-abundant…
Love your homies! Celebrate your homies! Write poems about your homies!
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Debs Dreaming
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Seeda School
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