A playlist for the end of summer 🌱

Rhythms for gently carrying us through the final weeks of the summer season.

On this final day of August, I made a playlist for portaling through these final summer months. You can listen to it here.

Along with the playlist, I want to share one of my favorite words: liminal. It comes from the Latin root, limen, meaning “threshold.” Liminal can be understood as occupying a space of “crossing over,” of entering a period of transition - the in-between.

I bring up liminal because a week ago I was freaking out about the fact that summer was winding down. Mostly freaking out because where did the time go and ohmygawd I had a whole list of things to do and ohmygawd we’re going back to the dark of winter.

But then a homie reminded me that the end of summer has its own particular kind of beauty. The end of summer is syrupy and thick - it’s showing off its final bang of lushness before we transition into the harvest of Fall. It’s a space of liminality. The end of summer has much to teach around trusting the space of transition, about practicing trusting ourselves when we enter periods of unknown.

Summer is always a weird month to me because there’s this blanket of pressure surrounding it around what summer should be. It’s this feeling where joy because laborious - where if I don’t meet this image of “living my best summer life” I’ve somehow failed. It’s the same invisible pressure I feel around Birthdays and Holidays: “I gotta live this FULLY or ELSE.”

Rn I’m feeling that it is perhaps it is in my best interest to let go of the image of what summer is supposed to be and instead ease into what pleasure looks like for me in this moment.

Which right now looks slow. And gentle. And like listening to music in the sun.

I hope you’re able to find a moment of ease in these last few summer weeks. As you lay in the sun, or share a slice of fruit with someone you love, if you like - you can listen to the playlist in the background.

Sending you much love 🕊.Drink a glass of water after reading this email

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