A Playlist About Mushrooms

Just for you, and me, and all the fungi of the world - a playlist. Find a field and drift off to it.

Y’all. I think about mushrooms…a lot. They teach a whole lotta lessons. So I made a playlist about them. You can listen to it here.

Perhaps while you drink a glass of water today, or walk to pick up a too-large bag of spinach, you can pause, and geek a little with me about mushrooms - this trippy beautiful entity that exists on this spinning blue planet.


How mushrooms are just a small, visible part of the entire fungi organism. (& what does that say about “growth” - about how sometimes the deepest forms it are not visible).

How if you go a little deeper underground, you’ll find the mycelium network - a wildly vast network that allows fungi to talk, support, and protect not only itself, but also its neighboring plant neighbors. (& what does that say about how we deeply need each other).

How, as Merlin Sheldrake notes: “A mycelial network is a map of a fungus’s recent history and is a helpful reminder that all life-forms are in fact processes not things. The “you” of five years ago was made from different stuff than the “you” of today. Nature is an event that never stops.” (how you are an event that never stops. that is constantly unfolding, an ever-shifting shiver & ache of expanse).

As I swooned over mushrooms the past few weeks, I made a playlist about them. Getchu a glass of water, or find a field - preferably filled with flowers - and tune in.

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