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The best way to introduce you to this newsletter is to first introduce myself. Hi, I’m Annika 👋🏽. I’m a Brooklyn based, West Coast born Black queer writer, designer, and social media technologist, with a deep love for dumplings and deep house records.

As a multimodal creative, I use this newsletter to write about the many things that pull at my curiosity. This can be succinctly summarized as an exploration of the poetics of being. This root expands to many leaves: musings on creativity as spirituality, communal dreaming, non-linear time, and the ways each of us can restore care to our individual and interconnected lives.

Thanks so much for being here. I’ll see you at the other end of the rabbit hole.

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Read my book Tenderness, A Black Queer Meditation on Softness and Rage

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Supporting me allows me to make and do more, then share it on the internet. I dream of larger projects rooted in connecting us all, and supporting those projects requires investment. Your support is an investment in creating larger spanning work. I couldn’t do this work without you, thank you endlessly. 💘

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Annika Hansteen-Izora is a Black queer writer, designer, and social media technologist. Their writing explores spirituality, creativity in the age of the internet, nature, and sustaining wonder.