Rhythms for gently carrying us through the final weeks of the summer season.
Or, the dinner table as a sixth love language.
Shoutout to the moments when a homie’s eyes glint in that kinda way they only get when hyped up or nearing somewhere between mesmerized and electric.
Just for you, and me, and all the fungi of the world - a playlist. Find a flower field and drift off to it.
Can we talk about this trippy yet joyous yet uncomfortable yet contradictory space of "back to normal?"
a love letter to the sweet vulnerability that comes with the everyday, and a reminder that many of us are re-learning what it means to practice again a…
How to recover a sense of safety within stillness?
A celebration of platonic intimacy
Our boundaries online are just as important as away-from-keyboard.
Oooooh. ✨ A special list of some of my go-tos on dreaming + radical imagination. Plus, some of my fave things this week - Lover's Rock, software for ar…
Communal Dreaming is a method of imaging new spaces to create, tend to love, and expand beyond the imagination of white supremacy.
At the end of 2020, gratitude enters as a practice of remembrance.