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This is a newsletter on studying joy 🌿

Joy as in: what is bringing me joy, exploring strategies for ensuring we individually, and communally, have the right to experience joy, on the grief and blocks that are a part of creating joy, on the patterns of oppression that go into who is seen as deserving of joy, on pleasure, delight, and dreaming.

My joys span worlds: love poems, fonts that make me 😍, work that is leading us towards reimagining and remixing this world, liberation, queerness, Blackness, imagination, vegan muffins and my latest playlists.

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Yesss ok sounds cool - but who dis?

Hi 👋🏽. I’m Annika Hansteen-Izora (they/she/he). I’m a queer, genderfluid bi-racial Black dreamer that does a lot of things, many of which are rooted in writing, dreaming, a love for vegan dumplings and making playlists. In consolidated form, I’m a writer, artist, poet, creative technologist, playlist curator, art director, and brand & UI designer.

As a writer, I recently wrote my first book: Tenderness, An Honoring of my Queer Black Joy and Rage. I am currently looking for publishers for my second book.

Along with exploring tenderness, I’m also inspired by the digital. My day job is Head of Product Design for Somewhere Good, a social platform designed for people of color to connect around intimate conversations, to be beta released in 2022.

I’m also one of the co-leaders of Black Feast, a culinary event that celebrates Black artists and writers through food, Bad Ball Club, a queer BIPOC space for pickup soccer and kickball games, and the forthcoming Platonic Love Club series, exploring the intimacy of BIPOC friendships.

You can find me on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Website, and Are.na.

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Annika Hansteen-Izora 
Black queer genderfluid artist writing about creativity, love, friendship, and care. they/she/he. www.annikaizora.com.